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To Learn the eCpm

To Learn the eCpm

The way that user behavior can impact eCPM is based on how users interact with your sites. So lets say for example that your website grows quite a bit, and you have a lots of return users. Return users are less likely to click on ads that unique users, users who are coming to  your site for first time. If you look at some sites over a long period of time, as their audience grows, their click through rate (CTR) won’t grow at the same rate. That’s because they are adding new content that their users find valuable and interesting and users are spending more time engaging with that content. Even though the user is seeing more pager, they aren’t clicking at ads at the same rate. Users interact with your site differently. If you have a lots of return users versus unique

What tools are available to analyze eCPM

There are a number of things a publisher can do to get a better understanding of the fluctuations in their eCPM. One thing we recommend is integrating your AdSence account with your Google Analytics account. In doing so, you can get info about the eCPM by region, so you know how users in Latin America monetize compared to users in Asia. We also recommend setting up granular channel strucures. This allows you to track how ad units in different sections of your site monetize For example, let’s say that you have a sports section of your website and a lifestyle section of your site. You’ll want to understand what the eCPM is in both of those sections. Setting up channels for both those sections will allow you to see how both of those sections monetize. In conclusion, my suggertion to all publishers is to gether as much data as possible. Look at your data points together. Look at your traffic, your audience, in conjunction with your adsence data, and then you’ll have a better understand of how Adsence is performing.

What is Ecpm at Google AdSence

What is Ecpm
Ecpm is the effective cost per thousand impressions and basically what it refers to is the amount of revenue you earn from AdSence for every 1000 impressions you show on your site.

What influences eCPM
Ecpm is influenced by two different factors. One is CTR (CLİCK THROUGH RATE), which is how often users click on ads. The other is CPC (COST per click) which is how much an advertiser is willing to pay for any given click. Of these two, CTR is something publishers can influence because the more prominent position you give your ads, the more likely you are to generate a click, which means you will earn revenue for that click. CPC is determined by who much advertisers are willing to pay for that click and that really varies based on content. For example, if you have 2 different types of content- gold watches and cat food. It’s more likely that an advertiser will value the gold watch over the cat food and will be willing to pay a little bit more.

How does web traffic impact eCPM
eCPM is likely to be impacted by traffic because  when you compare eCPM from today from eCPM two years from now, you aren’t comparing the same thing because the makeup of your traffic will be different for these two periods of time. I have seen cases where a web site has seen a lot of international growth, and that international traffic might not monetize as well as domestic. For example, If I a am working with one publisher who had seen a slight decrease in her eCPM over the past 2 years, despite her revenue had increased substantially. What we saw was that a lot of her traffic was coming from countries outside of the US such as Latin America and Asia and generally cost per click is driven by purchasing of the user in any given country. As a result, even though she was making more revenue, her eCPM had decreased slightly but that was mostly because of the makeup of her traffic.